What is the custom condominium and home planning process with Brookewood Builders & Remodeling?

At Brookewood Builders & Remodeling, we pride ourselves on being able to identify and reach our customers’ exact specifications via a thorough, comprehensive planning process. We’ve fine-tuned this process to make it easier than ever to turn your dreams into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

1. Visualization

The first step to your condominium building project is gathering inspiration and ideas that correlate with your dream project. We recommend notes, megazine cutouts, photos from books, or taking photos in-person of projects that inspire you. Keep these materials organized in a notebook or folder.

Likewise, you will want to have a family meeting to discuss the project idea. This will allow household members to voice their opinions and ideas, and it will also help with deciding on a project budget. Declaring a budget early in the planning process is imperative.

2. Planning the Design

Once the idea has been conceptualized, you will begin working alongside Brookewood Builders & Remodeling’s designer to decide on colors, styles, textures, materials, and more for your project. There is no idea that’s too far out of our reach; we can even create custom materials and fixtures to fit your exact specifications. We will also be there every step of the way to answer questions and offer recommendations/advice concerning your budget and ideas.

3. Making Your Selections

Brookewood Builders & Remodeling has many years’ experience already building homes and condominiums, so we have many layouts and floor plans you can choose from. We also can help you with any custom project desires. That’s what makes us such a good fit for many individuals and families who are looking to build your dream home to hang your hat.

Along with this, we’ll create on-paper drafts and a thorough floor plan to further illustrate the project. Before a single tool or material is put to work, you can get a realistic look at your project and make any necessary adjustments, if needed. This eliminates the risk for mistakes, confusion, or miscommunication before your project is ever carried out.

4. Starting the Project

At this point, we will order the necessary materials and products so we can begin work on your project. Once all necessary materials arrive, we will begin construction in a safe, clean manner.

We use a rigid screening process to ensure each subcontractor is fit to be employed by Brookewood Builders & Remodeling. You can rest assured that highly experienced and trained individuals will be overseeing your dream project.

As your project progresses, we will perform periodic inspections to ensure your wishes are being carried out exactly to your original specifications. Accuracy is incredibly important to us. Your project manager will consistently be on-site to oversee the build process and answer any questions you might have.

5. Project Completion

Once your project ends, we’ll safely and quickly clean up the build site. The project will be inspected for a final time, and you’ll get to enjoy a walkthrough of the finished product!

At Brookewood Builders & Remodeling, we can help turn your ultimate building dream into a stunning reality. No project is too far out of reach – give us a call today to get started!