Brookewood Builders & Remodeling Custom Homes in Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio Since 1989

Brookewood Builders Custom Home & Condominium Builders Gahanna, OH

It’s quite an accomplishment when you decide you’re ready to finally build your new dream home in the Gahanna area. You’ve been thinking about it for a while and you have all the details mapped out in your mind. That’s why it’s so important to find the right custom home builder who is prepared to listen to your ideas, find ways to achieve your dreams, and all while respecting your financial goals for the project. Brookewood Builders, a premier custom home building and remodeling firm near Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio, will work cooperatively with you to locate the best building site, create a professional and functional design, and engineer the project to stay within your budget.

Preparing To Build Your Custom Home

Brookewood Builders will begin the process by meeting with you to discuss your dreams and incorporate them together with safety and functional items. You’ll learn more about what really goes into building a custom home and what you should expect. A site survey may have already been performed prior to your first meeting so the property can be examined and home placement discussed.

From this point, the Brookewood Builders & Remodeling will put together an initial plan that incorporates the ideas discussed at the meeting. Once everything is laid out, the plans are provided to the lender for appraisal. After approval is given from the lender and the permit process is complete, your home can be built. The usual time frame from first meeting to the groundbreaking is between two and three months.

Customizing The Interior Of Your New Home

The next step in building a custom home is designing the interior. Brookewood Builders & Remodeling will walk you through the process by taking you to our design center and showing you sample materials, pictures of styles, and meeting with our designer to get suggestions for coordination and function while keeping your dreams, goals, and budget in mind. Using computer technology, you’ll be able to visualize how some of your rooms will look before they are finished being built. You’ll be invited to the construction site to provide input and approve items as construction unfolds.

Get Ready To Move In!

Once your new custom home has been completed, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the finished home with the building team. You’ll be shown all the components of your home and provide the final approval. Once you approve, the closing can be initiated and you’ll be moving in! After you’ve had a chance you live in your home for about a year, you’ll have another opportunity to meet with the construction team to discuss any concerns you have after moving in and to be sure you are completely satisfied with your new custom dream home by following up with our one-year warrant checklist.