What you can expect from Brookewood Builders & Remodeling when remodeling your bathroom


There are important things that homeowners must consider when they want to undertake any kind of bathroom remodel project. Here is a brief guide on the necessary considerations.

Consulting with our bathroom remodeling contractor

The homeowner, contractor and even interior designer exchange ideas to ensure that every small detail is considered and come up with an estimate that does not blow the budget. The general contractor should itemize the project and specify different options that the homeowner is interested in to help in making the best decision depending on functionality and cost.

Starting the bathroom remodel work

Once the homeowner and contractor have agreed on what to do, it is time to start the project, beginning with the demolition process. The contractor masks off the work area using plastic and tape to constrain the dust. Temporary protective material is also placed on the floors that lead to the work area. The contractor removes trash and debris from the project at the end of each workday to maintain cleanliness and safety.

Doing the rough work

After demolition and removal of all debris, the contractor will start installing the things that are normally not seen, such as electrical and plumbing systems. This stage only starts once the homeowner and contractor have agreed on where to install what. For example, the sink may not necessarily go back to the original location, and the new location will also determine where light is placed. When all the rough fixtures have been installed and the walls and ceilings closed, it is time to embark on the finishing touches.

The final phase

This is the phase where the homeowners will see their dream bathrooms coming to life. The designs earlier discussed start taking shape as electrical and plumbing fixtures are installed, walls are painted, floor, countertop and cabinetry are fabricated.

Depending on the size of the project, the work may even take a fortnight, and this is considering that all the required materials have already been ordered. The size of the project may also determine whether it is necessary to hire an interior designer. In that case, the interior designer will work with the contractor on behalf of the homeowner to ensure that everything is in stock. They will order materials depending on their lead times, starting with the one with the longest lead time. Proper planning will ensure that all materials are on site when they are needed.

Some finishing touches are necessary at the end of the project, such as installing towel bars at the appropriate height. Although the punch list items may be small, they are necessary to ensure a perfect bathroom remodel project.

If you are considering a remodeling project, please feel free to contact us today. We would be pleased to help answer any of your questions or discuss your remodeling project!